Windows into the Imagination

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quality Speaks

I was checking out a friend's book on Amazon and I noticed something new. Amazon was claiming that for the ebook price: You Save: $13.00 (81%)

Huh? Save $13? On an ebook that was 2.99 and is now still 2.99?

Well, guess what, this is false advertising because you're not saving money on the same product, i.e. the paper book version.

They're comparing different products and claiming a savings? Tell me how that's logical.

Guess what. People aren't buying ebooks because they're embracing new technology, a big reason is because someone has artificially forced a lower price on ebooks in order to destroy the marketability of paper books. Do you seriously think that people would continue to buy more ebooks than paper if the prices where somewhat realistic and not priced like dollar store products?