Windows into the Imagination

About Elizabeth Lang

After many years toiling in the IT industry, Elizabeth discovered a passion for writing. She loves writing science fiction, humour and dabbles in a bit of poetry. Her debut novel, The Empire, is the first of the Empire trilogy. It is a science fiction/psychological thriller, though some like to call it a science fiction romance. She swears she has no idea how that happened.

Reading is a life-long love and writing has become an obsession. Her prefered genres are science fiction and fantasy. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, Asimov's Foundation and Eddings' Belgariad are particular favourites.

Elizabeth loves to travel and to cruise around the world, sampling delectable foods and learning about new cultures.

She is currently working on book 2 (The Rebels) and 3 (The Andromedans) of the Empire series.

Finalist at
2011 Next Gen Indie Book Awards