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Monday, July 25, 2011

In the Ether: News from BookNet Canada

The hits just keep coming for the print industry. According to BookNet Canada, which is the national book sales tracking system, the market for physical books was down 10.9% in units sold and down 10.8% in terms of dollar sales. Fiction suffered the biggest drop at 16.9% in units and 15.4% in dollar value, while nonfiction was down 7.6% in units and 9.9% in value.

BookNet CEO Noah Genner contributes the drop to various factors, including the tough economic conditions, the inroad of ebook sales and no on has yet found the next big blockbuster hits. He couldn't say how much of an impact ebooks have had on sales figures. They're forming a panel to measure digital sales and estimates it will take a few years.

My suggestion to them...they'd better make it quicker because, at the speed at which things are changing, by the time they're ready, it may already be too late.


  1. I live in middle-of-nowhere Ontario, and nearly half of my (non-techie) friends own e-readers. Things are changing, and changing fast...

  2. It certainly is changing quickly, BJ.